Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Love and Relationship Using Feng Shui - Simple Things You Can Do!

Here are 5 tips on how you can better your love life using Feng Shui:

1.Hang Happy Couples Picture Instead Of Images Of Lone Figures

Artwork around your life space have impact on your subconscious head mind. When you environ yourself with images, mental images and pictures of eremitic alone images, you'll experience the same manner too. So replace it with images of happy couples and it will do you experience unfastened to love.

2.Make Your Room Cozy For Love

If you have got single chairs, that lone direct one message to your spouse or partner -Leave Maine alone. If you wanna make romanticist temper in the room, take out all the single chairs and replace it with love seating and couches at the right angle. It signaled that you are ready for a romanticist moment.

3.Bedroom Is Not A Topographic Point To Watch Tv

I've seen this tip not only in Feng shui but most of the human relationship books I've read. Having television in your sleeping room is going to interfere with your bosom clip with your spouse.

Plus observation television is going to do you experience tired and sleepy. Nothing kills love affair like a late nighttime telecasting shows. Here's a tip if you can't sleep, instead of turning on the television, read romanticist novels or verse forms (anything that tin unleash the love magnet in you)

4.Treat Yourself With Animal Bedding

If you still utilize the same pillows you utilize during your college years, that volition definitely kill your sexual activity life. Trying to put the romanticist minute with your partner with the same pillow you utilize to strike hard your roommate unconscious (for fun) is criminal! Go ahead and splurge on new pillows, covers and sheets that ask for you to linger in bed.

4.Downsize your bed

If you are sleeping in male monarch size bed, downsize it to queen. 'Why?' 'I thought the larger the better for couples'...Well I thought the same too until I read this tip. It makes do sense. The ground to downsize your bed is sleeping on a immense mattress won't cultivate intimacy. Invest in a comfy queen-sized bed if you'd wish to happen the love of your life.

5.Prepare for Company

If you are single, clear out one of your chest of jockey shorts drawers, leave of absence some empty hangers in the closet, and maintain an other toothbrush in the bathroom. When you show you are willing to share your space with person special, your romanticist prospects will soar.

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